Five cards for the next kick-off

Start with a positive tone for mistakes. This might unleash daring and also instinctive creativity. — — Self-irony can also evolve over time, which is a character-building mechanism.
Call for numbers — — The first results are encouraging and well accepted, huh? Positive results in an early phase often is linked to core data bias. Not because we are bad, self absorbed people, but we want to succeed in our field.
Destructive energies are within and surrounding us. To utilise them, we must collide. Create a field for collisions. —— And don’t be too anxious about collaterals. It takes two to tango and much more for a real polka, where things naturally bust.
Don’t just sketch a ‘Titanic’. Sketch its journey, too. —— Always assume that there is an iceberg on it’s way to ram your project. Find internal synergies and track down knowledge silos. *BTW: For your own safety, always stick to the opinion of your captain!
The world changes quickly. Cats and dogs (and PEOPLE) don’t. Invest accordingly. —— Put the inhabitants of our planet first. Every one of them may love your business a bit more if you give back to them.



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