From my personal Journal: HONG KONG, Aug 2019

State of Turmoil

Ronny Puschmann
2 min readDec 1, 2019
Hong Kong, Financial Hub, Graffiti: „No China”
Hong Kong, Financial Hub, Graffiti: „No China”

Getting to know

We sat in the hotel lobby and talked in hushed tones about the fierce conflicts in Hong Kong, when Mascot felt encouraged to join us at the table. He is a student from Shenzhen, studying International Management. A circumstance that probably also required him to get into conversation with us. — Mascot, is said to be his nickname at the university.

We spoke about what we had heard, read and seen – that Hong Kong is in trouble and Beijing is facing a democracy movement supported by financial magnates, industrialists and wealthy Hong Kong patriots, and that there is an extravagant media battle that could compete with that on the streets. We found ourselves in a charged situation. Sensing that there was more at stake for China than the extradition law. Later we met on other occasions and did not talk about the things that would plague the Fragrant Harbour for long years.

The day before tear gas had been used against peaceful people. Old and young ran together, strongly connected in their goals and at that moment perhaps stronger than the regime that wanted to defeat them.

1.7 million people met to demonstrate on August 8, 2019 in a united and peaceful manner for a free Hong Kong.

17 of the 18 city districts were won on November 24, 2019 by mostly young, China-critical candidates against the Peking top stags. Until then, they had not headed any of the councils. Around 2.9 million voters cast their votes.

Mascot has left Hong Kong. And so have we.

Note: China is creating a cold, unyielding, technical system – insurmountable. Since almost all internal processes are controlled, it will soon be impossible to change them from within.

It grows outwards and hardens inwards, society becomes cold and relentless. Love and truth no longer reach the deepest inside.

Totalitarianism is predatory, shameless and it is also patient. Opposing groups and ideas are gradually eradicated, the remaining gaps are filled with defamation and propaganda.

I believe that these processes have become irreversible but we must work towards the goal of a society that respects all people and grants fundamental rights—every day.

Subway station with colorful Post-Its on the walls, with personal messages and calls.
Subway station with colorful Post-Its on the walls, with personal messages and calls.
Scent sticks at a market for the Hungry Ghost Fest. The seventh month in the lunar calendar is the month in which restless spirits roam the earth, according to the belief.