The Humane AI Wearable Pin contributes to the conversation about the future of technology and human interfaces

Ronny Puschmann
2 min readNov 12, 2023

Integrating AI-voice-UI with the concept of projecting images onto hands is a bold step from a business perspective and a jump towards the days where human interactions with technology feel more organic, instinctive and engaging a wider range of the sensory spectrum.

The Pin is exploring the potential of interfaces without screens. At the same time it seems signaling a new era in spatial computing. This resonates with a broader movement towards conversation-driven interfaces, a development that’s reshaping how services and programs integrate into our daily lives.

The associated development of spatial computing and new devices that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly appears to be an interesting opportunity.

Looking at urban environments and public spaces, such advancements could lead to more sustainable and universally available technological solutions. The overarching benefits are less reliance on physical hardware and new service accessibility via conversational interfaces and gesture recognition.

For me, the Humane AI Pin marks an important (because maybe culturally desire-changing) contribution to the ongoing conversation about how we want our future interaction with technology to evolve.

The image shows a human hand with text and graphics projected onto its palm, presenting an augmented user interface from a promotional video for a product called »AI Pin«. The projection includes text with music player information and typical icons.